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Empty- Domo Wilson (Official Music Video) *REACTION* VLOGTOBER DAY 6

Dating While Differenly Abled

I am in my mid 20's now so I think its appropriate to talk about dating. I always get so nervous to breach the topic because I feel like no one will understand, but we live in a world with internet. This means that millions of people have access to this post. Its not about understanding anymore. The focus is exposure and education. I don't know what I am looking for out of this, but I do think that the content of this post is interesting. I just have a few questions that need answers.

To start, What do people think about dating someone with a differing level of or limited ability?
Next, What role does social media play in all of this?
Then, for those who date online, how much disclosure is necessary at the onset?
To follow, do people have a right to put disclosure on a need to know basis?
Finally, if it matters to you, why does it matter?

I really want to know what people think. I have some great things coming in the near future. Lets start the conversation. Do not feel pressu…

A Woman's best friend: Life UPDATE Part 1 2016-present

I can't believe it has been over a year since I posted here. I am so so sorry. So many things have happened in the past year. I moved apartments, states, law schools, and got a puppy. It is official. Once I finish my last final next Friday I will be a 3L. 

Coincidentally, I did not know if I would be saying this so soon after what happened a couple of months ago. My former law school the Charlotte Law School got into so much trouble with the government that I did not feel confident I could trust the school itself with my legal education,so I left this past December.

The transition was difficult. Colleagues, friends, and classmates all torn apart in the blink of an eye. I continue to believe that I am blessed. I found a school that accepted me and everything I came with. Everything works out how it is supposed to because now I am confident that this school and its network will place me on the trajectory necessary for me to be the best advocate I can be.

To back track, I got a puppy! h…